Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Olympia, Washington DC & The Chiropractic Journey

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Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Olympia, Washington DC & The Chiropractic Journey

accident referral networkThere is a plain fact that’s evident in any detailed look at chiropractic marketing – within the thousands of individual practices that exist across the country, some offices create unique and interesting ways to reach out to patients, and others just phone it in with generic content and the bare minimum of web activity, apparently hoping to attract arbitrary visitors online.

Yes, individual web surfers do basic web searches involving tire practice keywords and geotargeting. But they don’t just settle for the results that they get. A more sophisticated readership looks at how a practice presents itself online before making decisions about care.

Using the Meet the Doctor Page

For an example of how practices meet a more choosy set of readers where they’re at, let’s look at one way that a professional chiropractor uses key resources on his site to really get a discussion going about chiropractic care and its benefits.

Dr. Michael EekHoff practices out of Olympia Washington. On the ‘Meet the Doctor’ page of his All Ways Chiropractic website, Dr. EekHoff has written a personal narrative that shows various steps and phases in his route toward practicing this kind of alternative medicine.

In the first section of this page, Dr. EekHoff talks about a common care philosophy in chiropractic, that in many ways, the body can heal itself, and that rather than relying on pills and surgeries, many health conditions can be mitigated with lifestyle changes, as well as spinal adjustments and other chiropractic services.

Next, Dr. EekHoff goes into his experience as a medical student, and how he found a wealth and breadth of study in the courses required for a chiropractic degree.

Dr. EekHoff then moves onto getting his first spinal adjustment and a personal experience as a patient. Finally, the page transitions into the present where he serves the Olympia community as a professional chiropractor.

Why are these resources important? Mainly because there are so many chiropractic offices in the average American community. Doctors need to get noticed, and part of this is in creating web resources that patients can utilize, and that get them engaged in the site. Granted, online marketing is often only one segment of a broader strategy, but each independent part of a multi-channel chiropractic advertising campaign makes a difference, and getting web sites to where they should be can actually boost the bottom line for a chiro office more than some doctors realize.

Adding Personal Injury Telemarketing

Want more visibility in a local community? The Accident Referral Network, a premier chiropractic telemarketing company, can help. We’ve spent years looking at what works in chiropractic marketing, and we can set up customized personal injury telemarketing campaigns help bring more traffic to a busy chiropractic office. Let us help your professional office to set up more kinds of outreach that will attract more new patient traffic on a regular basis.


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