Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Seattle Chiro’s Unusual Marketing

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 Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Seattle Chiro’s Unusual Marketing

accident referral networkOnce in a while, you find a chiropractic online marketing site where you know that the doctor is really thinking outside of the box. And in most cases, this is a good thing.

It’s relatively easy for web users anywhere in the country to find dozens of sites for chiropractic care within a given distance from their homes. The thing is, a lot of these sites are pretty generic and filled with the same kinds of content — notes on whiplash injuries, directions and hours, and sometimes, medical articles cut and pasted from online or print journals.

Doctors may make an effort to dress up their sites with different kinds of personal content, but success is really varied. It has to do with how professionals think about reaching out to people who may have spinal conditions or other health conditions, but only a passing interest in the technical details of chiropractic care. How do you get people drawn into your site and engaged in what you’re doing?

Marshmallow Peeps?

This Palmer Chiropractic site in Seattle, representing the practice of Dr. Diane Sherwood Palmer, is taking a rather novel approach to chiropractic blogging. A March 29 post from last year presents the clinic’s own ‘chiropractic peeps diorama,’ a pre-Easter project that the makers showed off in the office.

“Everyone had a blast creating this mini version of our clinic.” Writes a practice blogger. “We threw it together during lunch and set it up in the lobby of the clinic. Stop by and see our Peeps while they are still fresh.”

We’re guessing visitors of all ages were intrigued by these tiny figures depicting therapeutic massage and spinal adjustment, along with teeny-tiny posters and other small-scale decorations — but this kind of project also works extremely well for the web. When you’re surfing the web looking for a practice where people seem to be having fun and taking a new approach to patient care, chances are you’re going to be interested in looking deeper at what that business has to offer.

Making these kinds of creative projects isn’t the only way that Dr. Palmer is setting her practice apart. For instance, you can see the doctor posting testimony on various sites about her family experience with chiropractic — in which she chronicles working at her parents’ business to get her allowance. These kinds of personal details also get people motivated to visit a practice as they get more information about what motivates and inspires a chiropractor.

How Personal Injury Telemarketing Services Help

We know that even the best doctors sometimes need a little help promoting their services. At the Accident Referral Network, we can add a stream of new patient traffic by putting together customized personal injury telemarketing services that work. Even if you have the best online marketing around, you could still benefit from this kind of partnership to promote long-term success. Take a look at what we can offer your office or clinic – you might be surprised!


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