Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Wisconsin DC & Presenting the Practice

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Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Wisconsin DC & Presenting the Practice

accident referral networkFirst, we’ll roll out the usual disclaimer, that chiropractors have a lot of choices to make when they set up an office and outreach venues on the web. But sometimes, some of the simplest solutions are best, and instead of dressing up a practice in the kinds of glitzy ad work that everyone is used to, a personal and natural approach can really do wonders for how a practice is perceived online.

In this visual, digital age, we’re still used to the classic commercial. Even though traditional television viewing is on the decline, ad makers have found devious ways to integrate even more 30-second spots into all sorts of alternative broadcasts, from Netflix and Hulu to YouTube and various mobile broadcasting environments. As a result, the average American probably sees more commercials than he or she did 10 or 15 years ago.

Making Chiropractic Personal

Some chiropractic doctors market in much the same way that automakers, pizza chains or big consumer product companies do, but other doctors recognize that for their care and outreach philosophies, the equation is a little bit different.

For a concrete example of a personal and relatable alternative, take a look at the site of Dr. Edwin Fissinger in Bayfield, Wisconsin. From the very first entrance onto the site’s home page, it’s clear that this represents a different kind of chiropractic online chiropractic marketing. Instead of generic stock photo content, there are pictures of the chiropractor, his family and his practice.

Other details are more subtle. For example, on the site map menu, instead of – blog- this area is referenced as – the blog. Does this make a big difference? We would argue that actually, it does. It’s another tell-tale sign that the practice has put personal work into creating a site that’s unique, rather than one that is syndicated or generic.

A much more common example of this personalization is a short letter involved in this front page where Dr. Fissinger characterizes his philosophy as “drugless, knifeless and holistic” making his approach part of a greater care community getting away from more aggressive physical treatments for a range of health maladies.

The Blog

Getting to the chiropractic blog, there’s also a lot of evidence from just the first few seconds of analyzing the top-level blog page that shows Dr. Fissinger is clearly deeply engaged in maintaining the online site, as well as the physical practice. One is that many of these posts start out with “I” language telling the reader exactly who is speaking and why. The other is a left-aligned vertical sidebar with a picture of Dr. Fissinger and yet another description of his care approach and history.

So many chiropractic doctors neglect these kinds of personal elements. As a result, their sites may look great, and represent excellent examples of high-powered marketing, but patients who want a more direct and personal approach will gravitate towards the rarer kinds of examples that show doctors have engaged in building their site, as well as their physical practice.

Using Personal Injury Telemarketing

Doctors who want more visibility can also use personal injury telemarketing services from the Accident Referral Network. Our teams pay attention to the customize messaging that goes along with a practice that has built its success on personal and relatable content, as well as real and genuine care in the community.


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