Personal Injury Telemarketing News: South Carolina DC Puts the “I” in Chiropractic Marketing

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Personal Injury Telemarketing News: South Carolina DC Puts the “I” in Chiropractic Marketing

accident referral networkWhen it comes to marketing chiropractic services on the web, you can really never overemphasize the importance of direct narratives.

When you look deeply into what works in this kind of chiropractic marketing effort, you see that web readers really want personal and actionable content. They want to feel like they are engaged when they page through a chiropractic web site. They want to be able to get a feel for the practice through its content, not just to read through a dry ‘encyclopedia’ type of resource that doesn’t really address who doctors are and why they do what they do.


To address this need, many professional chiropractors write blog posts themselves. Or, if they’re too busy, they provide input that results in blog pages that are written with direct narratives, not with a generic type of approach.

A major part of what these blogs do involves distinguishing a practice from the many chiropractic offices that rely on syndicated content. Syndicated content may sound okay, but when web readers find out that dozens of other chiropractors are using the exact same verbatim content, they will realize that no one at the practice has invested in crafting a message. People aren’t likely to have a lot of confidence in an office that hasn’t done the work to reach out personally to the local community.

For an example of working a direct narrative style into a practice blog, check out this Seneca Chiropractor blog from Seneca, South Carolina representing the practice of Dr. Eric Blundy.

Taking a look at a recent blog post on a “100-year track record of healing;” the following text injects the doctor’s perspective into the narrative and adds personalization:

“You may be asking – what is a vertebral subluxation? Please allow me to explain…”

Other types of blog posts also involve this strategy. For example, a blog post on pregnancy reads this way:

“I sometimes get the question – is it safe to have chiropractic care during pregnancy?”

Here again, by using this style, the reader is clued in that there is a doctor talking directly to them. You wouldn’t get the same results with a sentence like this: ‘doctors often answer questions about chiropractic care during pregnancy’ – because anybody can write this, or say it. There’s no ‘I’ involved.

Adding Personal Injury Telemarketing

Chiropractors can get even more chiropractic marketing power by contracting with the Accident Referral Network to get personal injury telemarketing teams working on behalf of a practice. This is another way to promote personal, direct communications. Skilled and experienced marketing teams reference a practice and provide auto accident victims with specific information on local chiropractors. Think about adding this to a multi-channel advertising campaign that truly supports success for a professional chiropractor or group office.


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