Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Oregon DC’s Specialization

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Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Oregon DC’s Specialization

accident referral networkSo let’s review just one of the many big questions that chiropractors have when they design web sites and digital outreach materials. That’s the issue of whether to specialize, and if so, how much.

Lots of chiropractors choose to target their outreach content in precise ways, by either focusing on specific kinds of treatments in which they have expertise, or on different kinds of patients, say, athletes or pregnant women, for example. Specialization is a kind of double-edged sword – on the one hand, the practice is able to reach out to those targeted audiences in a more profound way. On the other hand, they may be missing out on some of the broader new patient traffic that they could get by including a wider range of resources.

Taking a Look at Specialization

Here’s an example from Beaverton, Oregon, where chiropractic Dr. Christopher Pierce has chosen to establish himself, not as a more broad-based chiropractor, but specifically, as “the Bicycle Chiropractor,”  a doctor focusing on caring for those who rely on their human power for transportation.

Looking closely at the web site, what we can see is that the practice chooses to replace the conventional chiropractic blog with other kinds of resources. These include consistent press coverage from venues like, specialty biking sites, and local news broadcasters. Another big component of the site is composed of text and video testimonials from individual patients who have benefited from Dr. Pierce’s services. These testimonials go over the details of how patients found themselves suffering health problems, either after an injury or because of chronic conditions, and how they found treatment at Pierce’s office.

“I was riding my bike through the intersection of SE 26th Ave and SE Woodward when I was hit by a drunk driver who ran a stop sign.” writes one former patient. “She t-boned me and my bike, breaking my bike in half sending me flying through the air. I was treated by paramedics and taken to the emergency room…later I developed back pain between my shoulders especially on the right… I couldn’t throw a baseball overhand anymore, I had to throw sidearm. I decided that I needed to get adjusted by a Chiropractor. I looked online and found The Bicycle Chiropractor so I gave Dr. Chris a call.”

In addition, the practice has compiled a list of bicycle organization and information links for the dedicated bicyclist.

Many of the principles used on this site are also used by chiropractors who use a less specialized approach. For example, it’s always good to have direct patient feedback included in a blog or web site if possible. There’s also the idea that by building the web site into an informative resource, the practice enhances its reputation as a specialized local authority and advocate for the community.

Using Personal Injury Telemarketing

Even practices like the Bicycle Chiropractor can benefit from the kind of personal injury telemarketing services that we offer at the Accident Referral Network. Our skilled and experienced telemarketing teams get information from auto accident victims to drive new patient traffic to a practice or clinic. See what we can do for a chiropractor’s office that is trying to get more visibility and enhance brand reputation locally.


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