Personal Injury Telemarketing News: North Dakota DC & Stand Out In Your Field

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Personal Injury Telemarketing News: North Dakota DC & Stand Out In Your Field

accident referral networkYes, there are a whole lot of different questions that chiropractors and practice administrators can ask when they want to go and design an online chiropractic marketing resource for their offices. However, to put it in another perspective, many of these efforts start with the very same basic and fundamental commandment: stand out in your field.

A good number, probably the vast majority, of consultants who are worth their salt will tell you this. Stand out in your field. Don’t allow your web site or online space to become a cookie-cutter place just like dozens and dozens of others. Don’t stand for mundane, generic, ‘regular’ kinds of results. In some kinds of operations, mediocrity survives. The vast majority of Internet research proves that in online marketing, it does not. Readers will simply skim through a lot of these generic results to look for the particular color, character and direct narrative that they want.

Chiropractic Marketing in Fargo,  ND

An example of producing unique results for a chiropractic online marketing blog comes from the wide open lands of the state of North Dakota, albeit from Fargo, one of the bigger metro areas in the state. The practice of Dr. Paul Bekkum is not intended to be lumped into a simple web directory or other generic resource. Instead, this blog provides unique content that includes the doctor’s name and direct narratives about how he works.

A blog post titled “Don’t suffer with injuries or chronic pain, learn self soft tissue instrument treatment” involves Dr. Bekkum going through the basics of helping patients to identify soft tissue damage or other kinds of health conditions.

“Do you want to learn how to use a self soft tissue treatment instrument to help treat your own soft tissue injuries?” writes Dr. Bekkum. “I can teach you how to use this instrument for running injuries, sports injuries, repetitive stress injuries… or chronic pain issues. … all you need to do is schedule an appointment and we can go over whatever issue you have going on and see if the soft tissue instrument would be the proper thing for you to use.”

In addition to some instructive material, this blog post actually invites prospective patients to group sessions and other kinds of workshops conducted at the practice. This is another principle of chiropractic outreach that works, getting individuals involved in local events to build visibility and word-of-mouth around practice operations.

Adding More with Personal Injury Telemarketing

Even the best web campaigns still may not get the kind of new patient traffic doctors want. This is where professionals who have worked their hardest on their own internal resources can also contact the Accident Referral Network, a company set up to offer top-of-the-line personal injury telemarketing that supports new patient traffic. Talk to us about how to help a practice to thrive by standing out in its field.


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