Accident Referral Network: MN Chiropractor Talks About Golf Injuries

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Accident Referral Network: MN Chiropractor Talks About Golf Injuries

accident referral networkChiropractors running spinal care offices and clinics need to be aware that the messages they send to prospective patients make a difference. For the best success in the industry, chiropractors need to effectively reach out to those in the local area who may need different types of care and consultation. The best marketing efforts will cut clearly and transparently through all of those challenges that chiropractic centers face in advertising, targeting specific types of clients and informing them about what they can expect when they visit a practice.

At the Accident Referral Network, our personal injury telemarketing teams are keeping a close eye on how chiropractors choose to present themselves in practice literature and web site content, knowing that these kinds of materials are extremely important to the overall reputation and business model of a practice.

Reaching the Golfer

In some cases, reading a chiropractor blog can clue readers in about what kinds of clients a chiropractor clinic generally serves. Take this example from the Active Family Chiropractic blog entitled Preventing Golf Injuries and Back Pain: One Plymouth Chiropractor’s Perspective.

Here, a practice blogger writes about how to have a safe and enjoyable golfing season. Although golf is not a contact sport, even these kinds of more passive activities can lead to back injury in many cases.

The article points out that many people get injured lifting clubs out of a car, or bringing them up from the ground. This blog cites “flexion combined with rotation” as the technical danger for the spine area and instructs golfers to “lift with your legs, not your back,” a sound piece of advice for lifting anything heavy.

Another great tip mentioned here is to use core or ab work to strengthen the muscles around the spine. This can prevent a wide range of back injuries.

In addition, the blog suggests using good form and warming up before play, which can help to prepare muscle groups and lead to less injury-prone outcomes (also a good way to get an edge for those long drives)

Using Personal Injury Telemarketing Services

These kinds of outreach can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to attracting new patients to a clinic. Professional chiropractors who have experience in running a practice note that new patient acquisition doesn’t just happen by magic, but that it is the result of a concerted effort to set up the best environment for patients, provide competitive services at competitive prices, and lastly, advertising well to the general public. That’s where the Accident Referral Network comes in. Our top class personal injury telemarketing services can help doctors to bring in more patients who can truly benefit from the services they provide. By working closely with doctors, this service has a track record of providing fully qualified new patient opportunities that work. Doctors can hook up with this sort of third party support to make sure that everything they do is backed up by a network that will help them to achieve brand visibility in a sometimes competitive field.