Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Indiana DC Fighting the Good Fight

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Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Indiana DC Fighting the Good Fight

accident referral networkThe above title might seem slightly condescending, but it’s not supposed to be. The idea of ‘fighting the good fight’ involves presenting direct narratives to those who are looking for health care, including alternative services like chiropractic. It means trying to be relatable and build a better understanding of all of the processes that go into holistic health, including that diet and exercise battle that the vast majority of us face when we try to improve our quality of life, longevity and overall wellness. It doesn’t mean ‘getting down’ to someone else’s level, but reaching across to show that we’re all in it together when it comes to wellness and holistic health.

More than a few good chiropractic offices have figured out that relating to patients in these ways can really boost new patient traffic and improve the visibility and reputation of the practice. That’s why some smart doctors and practice admin people are posting unique content that fits this kind of description, where someone from the practice is speaking directly to patients about chiropractic care and about their general health.

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Take this example of the Corydon Chiropractic blog from Corydon, Indiana. This is what you might describe as your ‘regular’ chiropractic marketing environment, where there’s a kind of centrist approach that many doctors take in presenting themselves online. This practice is no exception: with compelling visuals and a neat layout, this blog allows web readers to be drawn in.

There is also relatable content here. For instance, a January 24 post talks about a local ‘Get Fit’ challenge and goes into a narrative from practice blogger Shawna B. about the “road to health.”

“I believe everyone has the ability to change.” writes Shawna. “Some people just get discouraged easier than others and give up. …. I know you have heard that saying “if it were easy everyone would be doing it.” Well changing your lifestyle is definitely not easy. I struggle with it everyday.”

Other slightly more recent posts begin with fundamental questions about that fight for better health. In a blog post titled “Hitting the bottom” the blogger asks “Why is it so easy to lose motivation?” In a blog post called “Whatever it takes,” the narrative begins with this: “Have you ever seen a person who is hunched over and looks like they couldn’t stand up straight?” This leads into another point of view on spinal care and spinal health.

All of this stuff is proposing a kind of interaction to web readers that’s bringing people in, getting them involved, and presenting the practice as an office that actually works in the community, not a business that hides behind a generic and syndicated online wall, relying on loyal return customers.

Bringing Personal Injury Telemarketing Into the Mix

Many of the chiropractic offices that are adventurous enough to put out relatable narratives are also willing to try partnering with a personal injury telemarketing service that can bring in more business over time. At the Accident Referral Network, we provide these kinds of services for doctors, and we’ve helped many satisfied clients to get more new patients in order to improve their overall business model over the long term.


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