Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Akansas Chiropractor’s Continued Marketing

accident referral network

Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Akansas Chiropractor’s Continued Marketing

accident referral networkAs we’ve often said, every individual chiropractic online chiropractic marketing campaign is different, but there are some clear and consistent ground rules that most usually apply to these kinds of projects, and one of them is that ongoing, regularly updated web content works better than a one-time effort. The same is usually true for multi-channel campaigns that target new patient opportunities in different ways. Simply put, the majority of practices that have a consistently updated campaign thrive on it, and the majority of those that don’t would like to have one, if they had the time and resources. However, that doesn’t mean that all practices are ready to invest in these business solutions. Doctors have their own reasons for the choices that they make, but some of them don’t end up supporting the business to the extent that’s possible with a long-term commitment to doing more than ‘just the minimum.’

Ongoing Web Content

The idea of including regularly updated blog posts on a chiropractic web site makes sense, but there are also different ways to look at this proposition. One is to say that it’s just too much time and effort for too little immediate ‘return on investment,’ where doctors and practice administrators simply give up. However, another perspective is that over time, enhancing practice marketing this way is going to pay off, and in many cases, when doctors persevere and take this approach, they end up benefiting from it over the long term.

For one example, take this blog from Genesis Chiropractic in Northwest Arkansas. Looking at the blog, you can see that Dr. Jason Blackketter updates the blog with a post every several months, almost like clockwork.

This is in contrast to many other practices in the same region and area that did at one time put unique web content on their sites, but quickly gave up for unknown reasons (you can see many examples of blogs hastily begun, some of them with great content, but with all of it dated in 2010, or 2009, etc.) Having some unique content posted to the site once is better than having none at all, but it doesn’t really provide much of a feeling of confidence for the reader. By contrast, the posts clearly authored and posted by Dr. Blackketter are examples of making sure that prospective patients and others see that the doctor is engaged in creating and updating good informative material.

Pursuing Personal Injury Telemarketing Campaigns

Another long term choice that chiropractors have is to go with the kind of service that the Accident Referral Network provides for doctors. Our personal injury telemarketing teams work on a regular basis to talk to auto accident victims about their health. This is another component of something that’s not a one-time solution, but an ongoing project supporting better new patient traffic and better outcomes for a practice.


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