Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Bahai Knowledge in Anchorage, Alaska

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Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Bahai Knowledge in Anchorage, Alaska

accident referral networkA lot of the tips that professional chiropractors get for online marketing are geared towards the technical – toward aspects of the medical industry, towards the technical provision of alternative services, and towards very physical disciplines like physics and anatomy.

But that’s neglecting another element that, although you might not recognize it, can often factor into the efforts made by professional chiropractors who want to ‘stand for something’ in their digital outreach, and characterize their practices in a unique and specific way. That sometimes takes the form of a “look in the mirror” where doctors talk about the soul, not just the practice, of chiropractic, and why a spiritual approach is useful.

Treating Others with Loving Kindness

Taking a look at this interesting chiropractic blog page from the Anchorage, Alaska practice of Dr. O’Mead, you can see a clear focus toward the spiritual, and toward aspects of community, rather than toward whiplash, carpal tunnel or physical rehab. It’s the philosophy of chiropractic care that’s making a difference here.

The blog details some Bahai scriptures, and offers the following:

“Years ago, Dr. O’Mead had a practice in San Diego that he shared with an acupuncturist. Occasionally those patients would become his patients. When one of those patients came to Dr. O’Mead, he would often comment that the chiropractic office felt joyful and amazing, more like a temple rather than a doctor’s office. That patient and others also told of being able to feel the love that permeates through the doctor’s Chiropractic team.

It is this healing environment and Dr. O’Mead’s personal philosophy of loving kindness that makes Effective Chiropractic the best source of healing in Anchorage and beyond.”

Now, some professional marketers will downplay the significance of this kind of material. Some of those who look at reaching out to local markets might characterize this as part of the stereotypical “left coast” regionalization that is propping up a lot of other kinds of marketing efforts. That stereotype may or may not have to do with how web readers receive this message, but there’s little doubt that when professionals take time to include this kind of material, they are thinking quite deeply about why they choose to do what they do, and what they actually offer to a local community. Verbalizing these sentiments is a good idea. It distinguishes the practice from others that are happy to just go along providing baseline services with generic marketing campaigns.

Thinking About Personal Injury Telemarketing

Practices that have done careful work to present a particular care message can also partner with the Accident Referral Network. We will listen to how you work and customize personal injury telemarketing campaigns to meet your individual goals and objectives. Talk to us about enhancing multi-channel marketing for a chiropractic business.


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