Chiropractic Telemarketing: North Carolina DC’s Different Kind of Celebrity Pitch

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Chiropractic Telemarketing: North Carolina DC’s Different Kind of Celebrity Pitch

accident referral networkWhen you look at what professional chiropractors do online to market their offices and services, you often see a focus on posts and material that connects readers to the world of pop culture or entertainment. Some of these kinds of marketing involve stories about athletes, for example, NFL players who have used chiropractic services in the course of their careers. Using prominent athletes also has another useful component, because athletic injuries are so much a part of what chiropractors real with on a regular basis.

Invoking famous or professional athletes is one way to get visibility as a business, but chiropractors also use other kinds of culture references or celebrity references to talk about their practices.

Celebrity Chiropractic in Carolina

For an example of a different kind of celebrity-based marketing, take a look at this Chiropractic Partners web site for a multi-doctor practice in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. Here multiple doctors post about a range of different topics. A September 30 post called ‘Partying with the stars’ is written by Dr. John Smith and covers his experience with Teddy Gentry, an original member of the band Alabama, and how this professional musician sought chiropractic care.

In a lot of ways, this narrative is a lot like other similar kinds of posts. It draws the connection between celebrities and ‘average people,’ showing that nearly anyone can benefit from chiropractic services at some point in their lives. In addition, part of what makes this blog is unique is the interaction between the doctor and patient, where Dr. Smith eventually got tickets to a show and met performers backstage. This kind of content shows a kind of “real human experience” that creates an impression in the reader’s mind, that the practice is more than just “a business” but a part of the community.

The ‘Partying with the stars’ post is only one small part of the blog outreach center for this chiropractic office. However, it is a useful part, and something that a lot of doctors emulate. By mixing in this kind of chiropractic marketing with other elements involving lifestyle and diet information, information on common injuries and conditions, and descriptions of new treatments or services, this practice is creating a real connection online, something that people can use to get more acquainted with the practice before they visit.

Doing More with Chiropractic Telemarketing

In addition to creating unique, entertaining web content, doctors can partner with companies like the Accident Referral Network, a proficient chiropractic telemarketing company, to get more kinds of new patient traffic with multichannel marketing campaigns. Our chiropractic telemarketing teams work on behalf of client offices to make connections between chiropractors and potential patients, asking accident victims about their conditions and situations. Let us help you build a more successful practice for the future.


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