Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Omaha, NE & Club Endorsement?

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Personal Injury Telemarketing News: Omaha, NE & Club Endorsement?

accident referral networkWithin the multitude of ways that chiropractic doctors can market their services, there are different kinds of fundamentals that stand out to individual doctors and practice leaders. One overarching idea is the creation of unique web site content that will draw in readers. Marketers spend a lot of time on this, but it’s not the only way to reach out to a target audience in a local area.

A lot of chiropractors try what you might call the “interactive office” approach or the “local business networking” approach—they use some combination of public events, partnering with other local businesses and establishing relationships with local clubs or groups to consolidate their visibility in a given area.

Looking at Group and Club Support

In creating these kinds of local partnerships, chiropractors often think about the prospect of teaming up with some other kind of local business, like a weight loss center or gym. The two businesses might offer joint discounts, create public events for publicity and promotions, or merge their brands together in some other kind of interesting way.

But outside of this kind of business arrangement, there are also other ways for a professional chiropractor to become more of a fixture within the community.

For an interesting example that blends athletics, recreation and local flavor, take a look at this Powers Chiropractic site in Omaha, Nebraska – here, you can see at the bottom of the blog that this doctor bills himself as the “official chiropractor of the Omaha Rollergirls.”

As soon as you see this kind of promotion, you can see that it makes a lot of sense. A roller derby club is a great local partner for a chiropractic office. Roller derby is well known for the injuries that it incurs, and having his group endorse a local chiropractor says a lot. But this partnership also makes the office look trendy and clued into the local culture in ways that could bring a lot of new patients, especially younger patients, into the practice, for example, those who participate in or watch roller derby in the area.

For professional chiropractors who really want marketing projects that work, it’s worth thinking about going beyond a content marketing approach and creating these kinds of unique opportunities wherever the office is, talking to businesses or groups that might endorse the office to give it more appeal to a wider target audience.

Including Personal Injury Telemarketing

There’s yet another fundamental that many doctors have used for long-term success. It’s the use of personal injury telemarketing support services or other third party services that can build up a local chiropractor brand and get more publicity for a local office. The Accident Referral Network, a top-notch chiropractic telemarketing company, helps doctors to reach out to a broader set of potential patients. Let us fill you in on how we’ve helped many single client practices build new patient traffic over time.


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