Personal Injury Telemarketing News: California DC’s Who, When and Where

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Personal Injury Telemarketing News: California DC’s Who, When and Where

accident referral networkA lot of chiropractic advertising content on chiropractic web sites and blogs is fairly evergreen. In fact, you could say that the majority of content is pretty generic.

The most extreme kind of templated content starts out with the words “traffic jams” – when web readers see this, they can be sure that the same posts are prominent on hundreds of other chiropractic office web sites across the country.

But even beyond this cookie-cutter approach, chiropractors tend to have very general resources on a site. For example, someone who does in-depth research will see hundreds and hundreds of posts talking about whiplash, a common injury in auto accidents.

Including Specifics

What all of these kinds of content have in common is that they can be plugged into any site, anywhere, for the same effect. There is no appeal to a chronology, or identification of a local practice within the text. These general resources can help those who are just starting to research care, but they often don’t do a whole lot for an individual practice.

Event-Based Chiropractic Marketing

By contrast, there’s another category of chiropractic online marketing that includes specifics on dates, times and locations. You could call this event-based marketing.

What chiropractors do is include blog posts or other areas of their web site where they advertise specific events to potential patients. Here’s one example from Olivieri Wellness in Newport Beach, California. A June 9, 2011 blog promotes a Healthy Weight Workshop on June 28 at 7:30 PM, and shows possible participants what’s going to go on, and how to RSVP.

Resources like this one draw in web readers by showing them something real, something that’s going on in their local community. Many readers who would not convert to being new patients on their own might go to one of these events. They might at least note that the office is supporting local events, and they might call in to discuss, or pass the information along to someone else. That’s why these kinds of dedicated efforts support the kinds of word of mouth advertising that make the most difference in this or any industry.

Marketing Context

Aside from public events, there’s a whole other range of ways that offices can market themselves. Some of them have to do with celebrity endorsements or ties to national healthcare groups or agencies. Others have to do with making a practice an authority on a specific kind of spinal care or treatment. All of them are based on careful analysis of what works in marketing, and how to create something that will resonate for a target audience.

Using Personal Injury Telemarketing As an Alternative

Doctors can also choose to partner with companies like the Accident Referral Network, a high-level chiropractic telemarketing company. Our personal injury telemarketing teams work on behalf of client practices, talking to auto accident victims about their needs for qualified care. We can set up a multi-channel marketing campaign that works for your business.


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