Accident Referral Network: San Francisco Chiropractic Care

accident referral network

Accident Referral Network: San Francisco Chiropractic Care


accident referral networkMany chiropractors who maintain resources on the web talk a lot about the most common kinds of chiropractic care that they provide to patients on a regular basis. But what about those ‘black swan’   events where something goes wrong quickly and patients don’t have time to book an appointment?  What about ‘emergency’ chiropractic care?

At the Accident Referral Network, a personal injury telemarketing support service for chiropractors, we are always looking at how doctors renovate the practice model to achieve success and fill their offices. One way is by accommodating patients who may need special services or considerations.

Outreach on Emergency Chiropractic

Some chiropractic doctors maintain resources for patients that cover situations where someone has a sudden injury that requires an immediate trip to a chiropractic doctor. One of these resources is the San Francisco Chiropractic blog where Dr. Eben Davis talks about some of the practical situations that his practice handles in the bay area. He also handles a range of spinal conditions and symptoms such as whiplash, sports injuries, headaches, and fibromyalgia.

Using the story of a single former client, Dr. Davis talks about how certain events can produce immediate bodily trauma that can benefit from quick ‘emergency’ treatment. He cites the story of a patient who was in an airplane for many hours on end. At the end of his multi-continental trip, the patient was severe pain and nearly immobile. Dr. Davis talks about how one emergency visit generated a major improvement in patient condition, and how consequent care can help to alleviate pain and symptoms over time. To serve these kinds of conditions, Dr. Davis has set up a “walk in chiropractic” office where San Francisco area residents can get seen promptly.

“All you need to do is show-up during open hours between 9-6 M-F and you will be seen right away.” writes Dr. Davis. “If you are lucky and we are able to intervene early…maybe you only need a visit or two.”

For some who might find themselves  with serious injuries like herniated disc after sudden impact, these kinds of professional services can be extremely valuable compared to more conventional provider operations, where it may take up to a week or more to be seen. To be clear, emergency chiropractic doesn’t mean a patient detours around the E.R. or family practice: the first stop should be a comprehensive emergency department. But after that, if there is a lot of pain that’s not attributed to a life-threatening medical event, quick chiro care can end up helping some patients quite a lot.

At the Accident Referral Network, we understand that a large part of what sets a single practice above its competition is its outreach and the messages it sends to the public. We’ve talked to doctors about how to generate the best outreach materials, and we offer a third party personal injury telemarketing service that takes branded communications to the next level. By reaching out to auto accident injury victims, we compile lists of qualified new patient needs that often convert to actual new patients at an office or clinic.