Accident Referral Network News: NYC Chiropractor Talks Treatment

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Accident Referral Network News: NYC Chiropractor Talks Treatment

accident referral networkProfessional chiropractors reach out to their audiences in many different ways. At the Accident Referral Network, we stay on top of the kinds of strategies that doctors use to market chiropractic care in their local areas. We make it a priority to get educated about practice outreach, because we help so many doctors do the important work of getting their information in front of accident injury victims and other potential patients.

Doctors who have been practicing for a while are often pretty smart about getting their messages about services out to a local audience. Some common strategies include:

  • talking about specific kinds of injuries and spinal conditions
  • marketing to specific kinds of patients, such as athletes or pregnant women
  • talking about specific local conditions that can have an impact on spinal health

Herniated Discs and Spinal Decompression in the Big Apple

An interesting example of the latter is available at the New York Chiropractor practice blog where Dr. Steve Shoshany talks about some of the unique risks of living in New York City.

“New Yorkers are susceptible to painful knee injuries because of the high level of activity that’s part of everyday life in NYC.” writes Dr. Shoshany. “Because of New Yorkers’ active lifestyle, healthy knees are a top priority, whether the patient is an athlete or average city dweller.”

Dr. Shoshany has made an excellent point here. Because New York City is a fast-paced, bustling area, as well as a place that’s been largely paved over, New Yorkers run specific risks for different kinds of spinal treatments that have to do with pounding away on concrete trying to get wherever they’re going each day. That’s one part of what doctors in the big city offer, in a greater set of services to promote better spinal health, which can have a big impact on overall wellness at any age.

Dr. Shoshany also highlights the use of proprietary machines and treatments to deal with herniated discs and other spinal problems. This practice covers spinal decompression and cold laser surgery, as well as other issues, on a practice blog uniquely targeted towards the New York city resident.

Practices in New York City or anywhere else benefit from a solid plan for both print and web outreach. Some of the most successful offices and clinics prepare appealing print materials to be distributed locally, while also building a functional practice blog and web site to reach potential patients and inform them about what doctors do at a local office.

Although internal chiropractor outreach is often effective, doctors frequently find that they need a little assistance to reach more people in their city or metro area. The Accident Referral Network, a third party pi telemarketing service, can help build patient rosters by guiding patients to local chiropractic offices, while documenting conditions, concerns and any other limitations that can impact their ability to become new patients.