Accident Referral Network: Columbus, OH Practice Connects Chiropractic to Holistic Health

accident referral network

Accident Referral Network: Columbus, OH Practice Connects Chiropractic to Holistic Health

accident referral networkAt the Accident Referral Network, we know that there are literally hundreds of ways to market a chiropractic wellness business. Doctors use many different strategies to reach out to a local audience, to try to drive new patient traffic over time. We’re always looking at the ways that chiropractic doctors advertise as we build up knowledge about best practices within the industry. Our customized personal injury telemarketing center helps doctors to bring in more new patients and thrive as they focus on bringing the best quality care to patients in their communities.

Everything is Interconnected

Typically, we have found that larger chiropractic centers and even some smaller businesses will make the smart choice to promote a range of services that relate to many different health conditions.

For a concrete example of how practices put this together, check out the web site of the Atlas Family Health Center in Columbus, Ohio. This practice specializes in upper cervical chiropractic care – but rather than just explaining how services work, the chiropractic doctors at this practice are linking many conditions to this kind of spinal care, including:

  • allergies
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • multiple sclerosis
  • arthritis
  • migraines

In addition, the practice also includes mental health conditions like ADHD, autism and learning disorders in the list of conditions that can respond to chiropractic treatment.

More Chiropractic Care Context

Another thing that this practice does on its blog is to get involved in the link between chiropractic care and diet and exercise. In blog posts like Top 10 Healthiest Foods, the practice uses a combination of text about whole foods and local foods, as well as vibrant, bright visuals, to create a compelling appeal for readers. Rather than a simple call to action, the practice invests in high quality content that will give readers “food for thought.”

“The holiday season can be filled with joy, holiday shopping, Thanksgiving dinner, and Christmas carols.” writes a practice blogger in the Nov. 27, 2012 post. “This time of season also brings about unhealthy food choices that can cloud up your personal menu. We’ll help you navigate your way through the food chain to make sure you’re hitting the essential food groups and proper nutrition to keep you healthy. We’ve compiled the Top 10 Healthiest Foods so that you can amp up your metabolism and momentum into the New Year.”

In addition, the practice has supplied other food-related posts, like a list of healthier desserts, and other tips about personal fitness and wellness as a whole.

Using Third Party Personal Injury Telemarketing Services

The Atlas Family Health Center web site is an excellent example of how doctors set up internal chiropractic marketing campaigns that work. These kinds of multimedia sites are likely to attract attention from local readers. However, it’s also a fact of the industry that even the best practice sites can’t always accomplish overall marketing objectives on their own.

The Accident Referral Network, a top class personal injury telemarketing service, supports practices well by bringing additional channels to a chiropractic marketing campaign. Using specific information about local auto accident injury victims, the Accident Referral Network sends doctors qualifying information that will help them absorb new patients well and keep practice doors open for the future.

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